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The hospital is divided into two floors. The first floor is the outpatient and emergency diagnosis and treatment area, and the second floor is the operation and hospitalization area, with a total area of nearly 2000 square meters.





There are 8 clinical outpatient departmentsspecialty (5), feline specialist (2) and exotic pet department (1). In addition, there are supporting sections: treatment room,operating room, DR room, CT room, laboratory, pharmacy, ICU room, inpatient observation room, MRI room, traditional Chinese veterinary medicine physiotherapy room and spa room.




Veterinarians are divided into 13 specialties: Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Exotic Pet Department, Surgery, Orthopedics, Oncology, Neurology, Image Diagnositc Department and Anesthesiology.




There are 71 staffs in the hospital currently,including 19 attending veterinarians,2 anesthesiologists,12 residents,29 veterinary assistants, 6 front desk receptionists and 3 administrative managers. Most veterinarians have master's degree or above,among our veterinarian team there three veterinarians who have PhD degrees and with more than 27 years of working experience.Our veterinary specialists regularly go to Europe and the United States and other countries to attend academic conferences,industry conferences,visiting specialty hospitals,referral centers and university teaching hospitals. To interact with the other specialists,in order to keep pace with the international most advanced level in veterinary medicine technology.





Beijing Meilianzhonghe Veterinary Referral Center invested over 15 million RMB in hardware and equipments, accounting for three quarters of the total investment.





Introduction to some equipment:




CT (Computed Tomography): A 64 row Philips CT machines at the level of the first tier hospitals of human medicine are configured. Compared with 8-row and 16 row CTs, the scanning speed is faster which reduced the scanning time, the detail accuracy is better and the radiation dose is lower.




Special hyperbaric oxygen chamber for small animals: quickly correct the hypoxia state of the body, effectively improve microcirculation, prevent all kinds of edema, promote the establishment of collateral circulation, increase the permeability of blood-brain barrier, accelerate the regeneration and repair of tissues, blood vessels and cells, inhibit the growth and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria and the ability to produce toxins, inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and enhance radiotherapy The positive effect of chemotherapy on malignant tumors.






German Storz endoscopy system: used for exploration and minimally invasive treatment of ear, nose, throat, thoracic cavity, abdominal cavity, urogenital tract and joints. It is suitable for the diagnosis of chronic and difficult diseases. Chinese Aohua endoscopic system is used for the diagnosis of upper and lower gastrointestinal diseases and minimally invasive treatment of foreign bodies/polyps. It is suitable for the diagnosis of long-term vomiting/diarrhea.






Laser therapeutic instrument: four level laser produces photochemical reactions with different wavelengths to improve microcirculation, promote tissue healing, and reduce inflammation and pain; Compared with ordinary baking lamp, it has strong pertinence, high energy and no damage to the skin surface. Mainly for skin problems, chronic inflammation, muscle, bone and joint pain, wound healing, etc.





Hemodialysis instrument: at present, the hemodialysis machine of Beijing Meilianzhonghe Veterinary Referral Center has been put into clinical use and has been treated for many acute and severe patients, including renal failure and liver failure. It is suitable for the treatment of systemic inflammatory response syndrome, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, azotemia, urotoxemia,poisoning,hyperbilirubinemia and other cases.






Our veterinarians and front desk staffs are both capable to speak English to communicate with foreign guests. We welcome contact us through Wechat and appointment for more detail information.



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